December 7, 2023
All About foreign worker medical insurance

The foreign worker medical insurance (FWMI) is a mandatory necessity for managers of foreign workers who are holders of Work Permit and S-Pass. Businesses are required to purchase and maintain a basic medical insurance inclusion of at least $15,000 per year for each Work Permit and S-Pass holder for non-business-related injury or illness, long-term hospitalization, and daytime medical procedure.

History Of foreign worker medical insurance

The foreign worker medical insurance necessary medical insurance prerequisite was introduced by the Ministry of Labor (MOM) couple with the withdrawal of health care appropriations for foreigners since January 1, 2008, to help companies deal with their workers’ potentially high medical bills. foreign. This prerequisite is for essential inclusion, but employers are still responsible for any uninsured medical costs of their foreign workers. Under the Foreign Labor Employment Act, managers are responsible for the prosperity of their foreign representatives, which includes providing sufficient medical therapies and paying their medical costs. So companies are urged to buy greater inclusion to protect themselves from any extreme medical bills.

foreign worker medical insurance

A Backup Plan

As a rule, most backup plans will cover hospitalization costs caused by foreign workers who are on “Dynamic Service”, assuming they are determined to have COVID-19, as long as the agreement does not contain evasions for a pandemic or irresistible, communicable diseases, and so on If it’s not too much trouble, allude to the arrangement phrases for the specific inclusion terms, conditions, and evasions. As new foreign workers (given with MOM IPA) entering Singapore are not on “Dynamic Service”, they will not be covered for hospitalization costs, it would be a good idea for them to promote COVID-19 during the 14 days of the SNH. To deal with these costs, companies must purchase COVID-19 medical insurance for their foreign domestic workers, confinement nannies, work permits, training work permits, and S Pass holders who enter Singapore on or after January 1st. of 2021.

The Inclusions 

All foreign representatives under 65 years of age and holders of legitimate Work Permits and S-Passes may be covered. There are FWMI plans on the market where previous medical conditions are prohibited. Notwithstanding, it is vital to note that under the Foreign Labor Employment Act, managers are responsible for the prosperity of their foreign representatives in any case for medical costs arising from previous medical conditions. No discount will be allowed on the chance that a case is made during the strategy period. A duplicate of the most recent Foreign Worker Tax Return from the CPF must be sent to each restoration to amend the premium.