June 25, 2024
All you must know about best confinement food Singapore

Confinement cuisine is a type of meal created with healthy components for postpartum moms to help them feel better after giving birth. Furthermore, all of the items they utilized in the dinner, including green papaya, salmon, and many others, are lactation-friendly.

The healthiest foods to eat during confinement 


Turmeric is high in potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, among other minerals. It aids in the fight against infections and indigestion. To complement your meals, drink a cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of turmeric, and new mothers following traditional Indian confinement customs eat turmeric in a dish called Hariri. 

Black pepper

Black pepper is a “hot” meal that aids in the healing of the body since many cultures believe that during delivery, your pores are opened. You may use black pepper in place of chili in your recipes.


Oats provide energy and are abundant in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and protein, all of which help to prevent constipation. It can also aid in the development and maintenance of your milk supply while you’re nursing. Oatmeal, oats with milk topped with fruits, and oatmeal cookies are all good ways to include oats in your diet. These few best confinement food singapore.

Bathing should be avoided during confinement

This is one of the most common confinement myths that has endured through the decades, and some families still adhere to it. Although it is widely accepted that bathing in cold water is damaging to the mother and child, this myth may have developed in earlier times when hot water was less handy and in colder climes. Warm water bathing may make you feel clean and comfortable while also keeping you hygienic.

Only eat proteins

While proteins are required to restore and rebuild injured tissues, a well-balanced diet is also required to ensure adequate vitamins and minerals for a complete recovery. This has ramifications for your breastfeeding and capacity to deliver nutrients to your kid through breast milk. Meats and liver, which are the primary sources of protein during confinement, also include fat and cholesterol, which can be detrimental in high doses.

Obtain referrals from family and friends

If any of your friends or family members have experience with confinement nannies, ask them to recommend one to you. Knowing that you have a reliable confinement nanny will give you more peace of mind. If you haven’t been able to locate any suggestions, there are services that may assist you in finding a good nanny. They can usually provide you with information about the nanny’s background so you can see if she is a good fit for you and your family.