December 6, 2023

The rollers allow a really thorough cleaning on any hard surface, including parquet and terracotta, which is difficult to obtain by hand, and can also clean the joints of the tiles very well. Unfortunately, these machines require comfortable maneuvering spaces, so their use is difficult the more the rooms are small and cluttered with furniture and furnishings. Before use, it is therefore necessary to try to free the rooms as much as possible. The autonomy of use is good , as it is quite easy to refill the water tray and empty the dirt one, as well as the rollers generally manage to self-clean quite well (obviously, it depends on how dirty the floor is) commercial carpet cleaning near me in Denver.

The real flaw of these machines is that they cannot clean close to the walls : there is always a strip of 3/5 centimeters that must be passed by hand, making all cleaning much longer. This problem, combined with a certain noise, the need to clear the rooms and the fact that cleaning is very energetic, makes us recommend these machines for “extraordinary” cleaning and not for a daily refresh. That is, on the contrary compared to wet cloth machines which are instead more suitable for cleaning “on the clean side”. Let’s finally discover the best models together :

Bissell Crosswave

A brand that is synonymous with “scrubbers” and that offers a product that is undoubtedly one of the references of the category. We talk about it very thoroughly in our Bissell Crosswave review . In short: a compact form and a washing system complete with dust and dirty water extraction. And it is precisely in the effectiveness that it excels: just look at the hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews it collects, to understand that it is designed well, by people who know what it takes to simplify house cleaning. All at very, very reasonable cost!

Of the range, this is the standard model to take as a reference, available both with and without wires, but above all in the “Pet Pro” version, which we suggest below.

Bissel Crosswave Pet Pro

Very similar to the previous one, but designed for those who have pets in the house. Dogs and cats, with their hair can in fact put a strain on the filters: here there is a specific “pet”. In addition, it has a specific cleaning formula to prevent unpleasant odors from animals. It costs a little more, but in our opinion it is the best Bissell model among those with wire , to buy even if you do not have pets at home , precisely by virtue of its greater cleaning capacity.