July 25, 2024
Gopichand and Raashii Khanna's New Telugu Movie on aha

Telugu Movie action star Tottempudi Gopichand and the fabulous Rashii Khanna give you the most awaited film Pakka Commercial. These two mega stars acted in many latest Telugu movies, and most of them were super hits. In 2022 they released this legal comedy action film, Pakka Commercial, which is a compact package of action, comedy, and drama.

If you want to spend your time on entertainment, this film has everything you need. After a long day at work, you probably need some entertainment, and south-Indian films are known for their entertainment. Whatever your mood, you will feel good after a few minutes of the film.

Casting and Direction of the Film

Pakka commercial is one of the latest blockbuster Telugu movies. The success of the film goes to the exceptional direction of Maruthi. Also, the main lead in the film was superstar Gopichand and Rashi Khanna. The film will also show the popular Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh, and Ajay Ghosh.

The music of this film is well composed by Jakes Bijoy. Pakka Commercial is produced by Bunny vas, and the fantastic cinematography is done by none other than Karm Chawla.

An Overview of the Plot

When you tune into aha to watch Pakka Commercial, you will find a captivating storyline. The dedicated lawyer Suryanarayana resigns soon after failing to provide justice to Amulya.

After a few years, Lucky, Suryanarayana’s son, becomes a lawyer but possesses totally different traits from his father. To make some quick earnings, Lucky starts working with criminals. The antagonist of the film is Vivek, and he is a gangster. The story revolves around how Lucky resolves his will and fights against evil.

While watching the film, you find quite a few wonderfully shot action sequences. Also, all of the actors in the film are well-choreographed and deliver nice comedy and action.

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