June 25, 2024
honda fresno

The growing car rental services not only in India but nations world-wide have outshined the new car sales, which has dipped immensely over the past few years. The pre-owned car market has grown by leaps and bounds with more and more people buying a second hand, fully functioning certified cars rather than replacing their old vehicle for a brand new one. It is a much cheaper and affordable option for all those unwilling to spend extra bucks on buying a recent model.

Growing preference:

Not only in India, but the growing demands of second-hand cars all across the world have made this industry a major hit. The honda fresno are a much more preferred and popular option amongst the interested. So why do people are having this shift in preference? Recent reports state that people find used cars as a good value for their money, which is nowhere a point of surprise with our increasing disposal income and the economic development we have.

 Since the value of the car significantly depreciates in its first year itself, therefore the buyer’s aspiration of owning a car, at a much lower rate is fulfilled, making used cars a better choice. According to the survey conducted by the companies of honda fresno, amongst four people who replace their old car with another one, only one actually buys a new model while the rest three settle for a pre-owned car.

Reasons for the shift in perception:

According to the experts, the industry of pre-owned cars is driven not by demand but by supply majorly. The average ownership period for a car in most of the cities have come down to three to five years as compared to eight to ten years in the past. Due to this change in law, a car as good as new is also given up for sale after three to five years of use. Some more reasons to go for second-hand cars are:

  • A well functioning car can be bought at half its original price.
  • It is smarter as well as a cheaper option.
  • With growing online marketplaces for pre-owned cars, it has become much more accessible and thus preferable.
  • It is affordable and values for money.

While buying a new model is always fun but for all those who are on a budget and also want a better, upgraded model of cars, used car services are the best available choice.