February 29, 2024
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When planning an event, one of the major components that you will have to consider is what type of venue to use. There are many things that you need to take into account when choosing a venue and this checklist will help you go through them.

Section 1: Basic Requirements

The number of people attending your event will be the most important deciding factor for which venue you will use. The more people that are coming, the more venues that you need to choose from. For an event where around 10 to 20 people will attend, a basic criteria for choosing a venue is that the facility should have enough space like in South & West. The size of your group determines how many vendors or booths can participate. A small group is 7-10 individuals, while a large group of 30 or more could be considered as small groups.

Section 2: Second-Hand Facilities

Many farmers, who have been at this for many years, have their own facilities or even better venues which they can use. If you want to use these kind of facilities for your event, you do not need to worry too much about being all by yourself. As long as you ask nicely and explain what your intentions are, most farmers will let you use their space as long as payment is arranged beforehand. An important thing to note is that this type of venue is usually not big enough to host a large group of people.

Section 3: Location (What’s nearby?)

You need to find out where the event location is, and if there are any areas of interest around it. As an example, you can organize an open day at a hotel and utilize the restaurants or swimming pools as extra attractions for people who stay at the hotel. The location of the venue will also determine the transportation fee to get there, so it is important to consider whether the price is worth it.

Section 4: Transportation Fee

Talking about getting there, you should think about the travelling costs as well. This includes everything that involves traveling to and from the venue, such as parking fees and taxi charges. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to rent a big van or bus to transport everyone in your group together than paying for everyone’s individual travel fees. Sometimes a combination of both options can also be arranged.

Section 5: Food and Drinks

You will have to consider the type of food and drinks that you want to consume during your event. The venue should provide enough space so that you can make all these arrangements for your group. There are certain venues which do not allow you to bring outside food or drinks into their premises, so it is important to find out what the venue’s policy is on this particular matter before making any decisions.