June 25, 2024
convention signs

Trade shows are an opportunity for companies to showcase their product or service. It is when businesses are looking to gain new customers or clients. To do this, the display at a trade show must be attractive and carefully designed to attract passing visitors. Once the people appear on your screen, you’ve won half the battle.

Trade show signage makes up the majority of trade show booths.

Choosing the right signage for your exhibit will help improve viewer response. Each sign has its characteristics, as well as its limitations. For example, a small sign in a large display area won’t attract enough attention because it probably won’t be noticed. In contrast, a well-designed oversized sign will quickly capture the attention of anyone passing by your screen, or even those from a distance.

trade show displays

Get a professional design. The professional design doesn’t always have to come from a design professional. The first thing a design should have is a clear message. It should also be written in a font that is easy to read from a distance. Speaking of professional design, it must have three main features.

TheĀ trade show signs should have colors that work well with each other and colors that are easy to read. For example, fuchsia text on a red background does not match and is difficult to read. The exhibition poster should use as many images as possible. The images are interpreted more quickly by the consumer and attract more attention.

Put the trade show sign in the right place. Location matters when it comes to a trade show banner. Be sure to place the sign where it will be seen by passers-by, by people at a distance, and where it is not directly in the path of pedestrian traffic.

Consider some signs for displays. Consider using different trade show signs that match each other. Using various materials such as vinyl banners, PVC signs, aluminum signs, and more can add interest to the display.

Use different heights. One of the best ways to create an attractive screen is to use different heights. Most exhibit venues offer a high ceiling to work in, so getting up isn’t usually a problem. Most trade show booths lack width, so be sure to take advantage of vertical space that many other businesses neglect.


A business can create an impressive window display that will attract potential customers. The best part about display signs is that they are easy to remove, store, and require minimal maintenance when the display is ready.