May 20, 2024
Functions Of A Mining Supply Chain

Supply chain management like the name suggests, is the process of planning, Implementing and managing. All these steps are extremely important when it comes to effectively completing any task. Even the most minor of tasks requires supply chain management to a certain degree. When it comes to mining, it is without a doubt one of the most daunting tasks ever. The volatility of mining makes it all the more subject to risks. A mining supply chain is not a one person job but rather one that consists of multiple people. Any mining company comprises of a hierarchy of people at different levels, where each person has a different job. Let us understand through this article how supply chain in mining works.

Mining Supply Chain

The importance of supply chain in mining

To an outsider, mining might seem like just a dangerous job where labourers are left alone to mine and extract minerals which are then transported to factories for further processing. However, it is only when you look closely that you realise, what actually goes on behind the entire process. It is without a doubt that mining is a very dangerous job and the requirement to become someone who performs that job is the bare minimum. Almost any person who has a great physical built can become a miner. Not all miners fully understand the risks associated with the job, so it obv becomes the responsibility of the person who hires and manages them.

Usually on site managers have the most stressful job, because they are the ones who are responsible for the safety and security of the miners. If any miner gets injured on the job, then a direct question is raised on the competence of the on site manager. Many times, when the injury to a miner is brutal then the mining agency is liable to pay compensation to the family of the miner. Many times the compensation is a significantly huge amount and since the manager is held responsible, either a part or the entire amount to be paid is deducted from the salary of the manager.

Supply chain management ensures that a proper planning is in place and its implementation is strong. The plan and its execution keep in mind, not one but many factors. It ensures that miners are working at a time which is safe for them. It ensures that no miner is overworked and not only this but it is this planning that decides how to transport the extracted goods, and transport them in a way and time that maximises protection and minimises the risk of them getting ruined.