December 6, 2023

There are several ways to obtain it, the most common is through a change of migratory status ordirect migratory regularization, that is, in the case of a foreigner with multiple migratory forms and falling under any of these assumptions, permanent residence is obtained or even if you do not have a legal residence, it will be through a regularization procedureobtaining the same immigration status. The Immigration People provides helpful advice and assistance for PR application in Singapore. Click here to find out more..

  • Mainly, once obtained it is not necessary to renew it, except for minors who must renew.
  • They have an intrinsic right to work for pay in the country.
  • A right to enter and leave the national territory as many times as they wish.
  • To introduce their movable property, in the form and terms determined by the applicable legislation.
  • Right to the preservation of the family unit.
  • Right to obtain from the Secretariat the Unique Population Registry Key

permanent residence in the country

Among others, the possibility of applying to obtain a bank account, bank credit, buy real estate with the restrictions of law, driver’s license, establish companies, and register with the SAT, among other various administrative procedures.

Regarding the labour issue, permanent residents have the right to work, some considerations are that if they are obliged to notify the National Migration Institute within ninety days. Hiring can be through a company that must obtain proof of employer registration from the Institute itself or as self-employed, where it will be necessary to register with the Tax Administration System to comply with tax obligations.

Among its obligations is the notification of change of address, which is very important to do because the Institute has the power to verify the information provided to obtain permanent residence, in case it cannot be verified that the foreigner lives in the address provided, a migratory alert procedure must be lifted and the name of the foreigner sent to the migratory control lists, which can generate that if the resident leaves the country upon his return there is a coincidence of the migratory alert and with this, the entry is prevented to the country, and consequently the cancellation of permanent residence, without going into the study of the assumption by which he obtained it. Which would imply that permanent residence can be cancelled by the immigration authority, in some legal cases.