July 25, 2024
IB program?

Youngsters are highly energetic individuals who have the fire to accomplish anything in life. However, they lack clarity on the next step of their education due to little knowledge about the career paths. If you are one such human, you should choose to join an ib program high school. It must be overwhelming to pick a path without awareness which is why read the benefits of the IB program and accordingly make a decision.

  • Wide range of subjects:
  • Experiential learning
  • Freedom
  • Research skills
  • Independent thinking

Wide range of subjects: The A-level students are required to choose 3 to 4 subjects for specialization whereas the IB students have to study a minimum of six subjects which include humanities, languages, math and science. The depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge are promoted in an IB program.

ib program high school

Experiential learning: CAS whose full form is creativity, activity, science is part of learning for IB students. This method allows young minds to gain knowledge through a practical approach and thereby serve others. Pursuit of students’ skills and interests is done through clubs, projects, sports, community service and different kinds of co-curricular activities. The concept of CAS will create motivated, engaged and well-rounded individuals.

Freedom: The students in the IB program connect every learned concept to pursue their instincts. In simple words, they can link a session from a subject class to a sports incident. This freedom to form connections between various fields will help them identify their interests and work towards their goals.

Research skills: The correlation between two different aspects and the knowledge component are the elements of the program. These two components will need the student to research and organize data on their own. In short, students can become successful through developed research and organizing skills.

Independent thinking: The two-way communication among the teachers and students is a feature of an IB classroom. All the students are motivated to share their opinions. This sort of interaction will build confidence in the youngsters to follow independent thinking. This also encourages the student to be good listeners and share genuine feedback with their pals.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that an IB program carries several benefits for the students such as experiential learning, Independent thinking, Research skills, freedom and scope to learn many subjects. Being said that, it is your choice to analyze your career goals and other linked needs before getting admitted into an educational institute.