June 25, 2024
English learning classes

Over time, English has become one of the most used languagesin the world. It has been globally transferred to almost every country.Like any other country, Singapore has also excelled in providing English learning within the country premises.english learning classes in Singaporehave gained popularity over time.

ULC: Singapore’s leading English school

ULC,aka United Language Centre, inspires students to be confident English learners, create a comfortable learning atmosphere, and build a language community. ULC provides the highest quality English lessons in Singapore while providing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that allows students to confidently step out of their comfort zone and speak a second language. The goal is not only to provide a place to improve their Englishbut to provide the students with a place where they can meet and make new friends.

english learning classes

Its mission is to be the world’s most effective language learning brand. For this, they have established a sense of –

  • Comfort- ULC takespride in providing superior and comfortable student service.
  • Confidence- The teachers are instructed and trained to inspire thestudents to be confident language learners. Confidence inspires action, and action leads to results.
  • Community –Bringing people is ULC’s passion. Focusing on the community will allow the students to make new friends and meet like-minded people. It will help them grow as an individual.

English courses in Singapore.

  1. The EssentialEnglishcourse– This focuses on usingaccurate English with a focus on English conversation through practical and helpful class discussion. This class is fun and valuable and helps enhance all aspects of English, such as listening, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension.
  2. Private Englishclasses-The private English classes are perfect for students who want to focus on specific needs and targets, such as spoken English, or for the students who prefer to have more one-on-one time with their teacher. These lessons can be customized to fit the needs of each student in Singapore.
  3. English for Professional (EFP) – This course is foradults. It helps them to focus on improving their English fluency, allowing them to have more confidence in speaking and listening at work. Through various conversation exercises and lesson topics, they will be more than ready for the following English conversation at work.

Along with these courses,a few online learning English courses are also available for kids.